Clan Rules

So far we had rarely occasions where we needed rules, most of the following is common sense. If you have any trouble first person to contact should be you're liege and if she or he is not online or is connected with you're trouble, feel free to contact Bella, Fel, Bliss or Otto. Please keep in mind that everyone here has a real life and might need some time to react. Here are the few rules we have:


- Be polite and respectful to everyone on the land and in group chat and local chat. If you have a problem with any of the clan members, talk to them about it in private. If you can't solve your issue, talk to one of the clan leaders about it.

- The land is open to everyone, so you can bring guests.

- If someone in the clan bring guests, do not hunt them! You can encourage the person who brought them to our land to hunt them instead.

- Rezzing: You are allowed to rez and unpack boxes on the land, but please clean up after yourself.



- ADVERTISING:  The clans group chat is meant for chatting and having fun. If you want to advertise make sure you ask for permission to do so first.

- Use common sense in the group chat. You can joke around, but do not insult people on purpose.


- LIEGE CHANGE: If you have an issue with your liege, please talk to them about it privately and try to solve it. If you for some reason cannot do that, contact one of the clan leaders. We will either try to solve your issue with your liege, or help you find a new liege within the clan.

- HUNTING: If you are hunting someone make sure to show them around on our land and give them the clan rules and landmark. We would also like you to introduce them to some of our members, so they won't feel "alone" if you are not online when they are.
- MINIONS: As a liege, you are in charge of teaching your minions about bloodlines and about our clan. If you for some reason can't help them, make sure you talk to your own liege so they can help.