The Role of a Liege

The role of a Liege is one of responsibility; a role that should not be taken lightly. A Liege is a teacher & guide, support & sponsor, a colleague & friend. Without the necessary relationship of the Liege & Minion, we have no clan, let alone family, or Bloodlines role play system.

So you asked someone for his or her soul and they said yes.  Now what?  As a liege you are responsible for your new minion.   They are not a slave; they are an important addition to the family.  I personally like to buy the hud for my minions as a lot of good lieges do.   Being a Liege means helping them settle into Bloodlines and into the clan.   Remember your minions are a reflection on you.  Being a liege requires patience, understanding and a willingness to help. 

Settling them into the family means introducing them.  You are their primary connection to the clan.   If they've mentioned they want to learn to build introduce them to someone who builds.   If they are new make sure they have a basic understanding of how to do things in SL.  If they look like a noob, take them shopping.  The goal is to make them feel as welcome and at home as possible.  Foster connections to others within the family. 

Settling them into Bloodlines breaks down into a couple of simple things.  Do they know how the HUD works? Do they know where to get more info on something if they need it?  Do they know how to feed themselves?  For Familiar (blooddolls) explain how to get apples.  For vampires and lycan this means teaching them to hunt.  Making sure they have blood when they've tried and been unsuccessful.  Explaining that tank blood is paid for by the clan and is for emergencies.  If they can pay for it they should or they should donate when they can.  Explain the role  (blood dolls) in the clan.

Roles of the Liege:

To recruit, turn & train Minions in the ways of the Blooddoll, Vampire, Lycan , Angel , Demon &/or Hybrids within the Bloodlines role playing system; & to communicate the expectations of the clan as outlined in the mandate set by the Royal family.

(Most of this information will be provided to you by your Liege via a set of note cards; read them well! Liege must make sure that the Minion has all of the note card information.)

Duties to fulfill these roles:

1.To recruit. First remember that you are an extension of the clan & represent your Royal family, let alone your breed (Vampires, Lycans etc), to people outside the Bloodlines system.
Secondly remember that your success is hinged on how well people can connect with you & can establish a relationship. This is the initial relationship between the Liege & Minion; it will be remembered.
As honey attracts more bees than vinegar, so to does a polite, friendly, seductive & alluring aura. We promote an image, lifestyle, family system & role-playing system through this relationship.
(We DO NOT just send out bite requests to strangers!!!)

(For specific instructions in the turning process, please refer the to the relevant note card.)

2. After a Minion has pledged allegiance to you, they must be trained in all the functions of the hud, the need to feed or offer food, & the manner in which we do so.
This training is to be an ongoing process to refine & develop the skills of both the Minion & Liege. Above all, the Minion must feel confidant & connected to the Liege & family, able to ask questions, spend time in training & social activities together.

Should you be unable to provide the training, knowledge, answers or time for the Minion; then you have to choose one of the following:

1. Seek further training, knowledge &/or assistance from your Liege.... we are all approachable in this family regardless of rank & title.

2. Should you still be unable to provide for needs of your Minion, then discuss the matter with a member of the Royal Family.

3.  If after these steps you have still not received your training, knowledge &/or assistance from your Liege; then you are within your rights to discuss the release of your Minion into the care of another Liege who can provide for their needs. (This final step is to be approved of by the Minion &/or a member of the Royal Family.)