Clan Ranks

Ranks are not everything, most important is friendship and respect. Most our titles are of roman origin:

BE Coronatus = Leader

BE Regina Stellae = Queen of Stars
BE Rex Siderus = King of Stars
BE Concilio = Chosen by the Legat (and other council members)
BE Senator = Well deserved noble member of the clan with outstanding records
BE Noble Praefect = 400 + Total souls.
BE Praetorian = Guard of Honour, helper in emergencies
BE Noble Tribun = 100 – 399 total souls  or outstanding services
BE Illustratum = Noble member of the family with special achievements
BE Dark Angel = Members who represent the clan on the bloodline premises and/or are dedicating time and effort to the clan can be awarded the title of BE Dark Angel.

Title Descriptions:

1.    BE Cronatus:

Is the highest title in our family, equivalent of a king in other clans.

2.    BE Regina Stellae and rex Siderus:

The Queen of Stars and the King of Stars, Regina Stellae is reserved for those few who are bloodline Queens and have stars

3.    BE Concilio:

Active, dedicated clan members who help out the clan, has a lot of knowledge and experience in bloodlines and are active in group chat and on the clan land. The council make the fundamental, strategic decisions in the clan.

4. BE Senator:

An appointed rank of highest distinguish. Senators are long term family members who have proofed their outstanding value to the family over months and years. Senators will support council in all decision and are members whose advice will be asked a lot.

5.    BE Noble Praefect:

An outstanding rank, members “commanding” 400 souls, either personal souls or gathered by those who lieged to. This is the highest “ordinary” rank in the clan

6.  BE Praetorian:

The official guards of the Beyond Eternity Family. This high ranked position has special rights and is the highest rank any member can earn, and it is not based on your soul count, but rather how active you are in the clan. This is a rank that is not given out easily because only a few trusted members will get this rank.

7.    BE Noble Tribun:

A powerful rank in former times in the old roman legions and an important member of Beyond Eternity today. Members who have 100 - 399 souls, either as personal souls or gathered from minions. Noble Tribun rank can also be achieved by members who help the clan in other areas of bloodline, such as Soul War and achievements.

8.    BE Illustratum:

The backbone of Beyond Eternity, members who have been with the Clan a while and showed dedication by hunting, achieving, communicating. Typical ways to show dedication is playing an active role in clan chat, on clan land or on the bloodline premises. Also dedication can be shown by general interest in clan life, achievements, eagerness to learn.

9.    BE Dark Angel:

Members who represent the clan on the bloodline premises and/or are dedicating time and effort to the clan can be awarded the title of BE Dark Angel. Members with this title will not necessarily need a lot of knowledge about bloodlines, as long as they are active in clan events, group chat, and social situations.

We very much encourage to show your title or the general “Beyond Eternity” tag, when you visit bloodline sims or are on clan land. Should you think your rank in the group or on the bloodline page is wrong or not corresponding, please contact the council or the legat.