Congrats on getting a minion. If you are new to the family, or have been here but this is your first minion, or simply forgot the steps, this is what you need to do when you get a new minion.

1 - Make sure the minion is NOT in a clan / pack / guild, and already lieged to someone. If they are, according to our ethics, they need to talk to their liege and remove themselves into curse before they join us. We DO NOT HUNT from other clans, but if someone approaches you to join our pack, make sure we follow our ethics.

2 - Have the minion liege to you.

3 - Make arrangements for soul transfer if needed. If you need assistance with this, contact your liege, or one of the council or royals to try to facilitate the transfer. It may come down to needing to use an electrum, but we try to avoid that.

4 - Invite them to the Beyond Eternity group. If you do not have privileges to invite, get with someone who does.

5 - Send an announcement within the group welcoming your new minion to the pack. If you do not have privileges to send a notice, get with someone who does.

6 - Make sure your minion is aware of the 2 week prospect phase, give them a copy of our Code of Ethics, and make them aware they are required to attend an ethics class. Also make sure you give them  the welcome pack.

7 - Introduce your minion to the leadership.

8- Arrange a tour of the land and area.

9 - Make sure you minion stays happy. Make sure they are receiving the education with bloodlines and the comfort of the family that they deserve. Do not take someone on as a minion and just let them fend for themselves, unless that's the path they choose. Some do enjoy just doing their own thing, and that's ok. But being a part of the family can enhance someone's enjoyment of the whole bloodlines experience, so try to be there to help them with that.

10 - If you have any questions on what it takes to be a good liege, talk to one...

I got a Minion - Now what ?